Image quality assurance

Automatically analyze the quality of your images in real time.
Put quality assurance at the heart of your image acquisition and management workflows, regardless of their object, format, number and size, and regardless of your hardware and software environment.

Software solutions for automatic image quality analysis

  • Automatically sort images, whether they should be kept, reacquired or verified
  • Associate a quality score to each image you store
  • Create a quality heatmap to determine which regions need to be reacquired.


Images play an increasingly important role in every industry

Increasingly larger and in greater numbers, it is getting more and more difficult to check each image before they are stored, shared and used.

Automatic and systematic image quality assessment in real time meets the growing need for quality assurance in imagery:

  • Ensuring data reliability
  • Improving workflows
  • Streamlining resource management.


Nine years' experience in image quality assurance

Thanks to this expertise, we offer adaptable and efficient solutions based on a new sharpness analysis algorithm that is today the fastest and most reliable on the market:

  • A range of solutions adapted to all volumes and uses: Standalone applications, APIs, programming libraries, web applications
  • The same ease of integration and use
  • 450+ image formats supported
  • Up to 180 billion pixels per minute per server


The Team

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Co-Founder, CEO

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Co-Founder, CBO

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